Alice by Jan Svankmajer

My favorite adaptation Lewis Carroll story. Svankmajer outstanding artistry is inspiring.

Also a recent interview done with Svankmajer can be read here:


Ingmar Bergman commercial

Here's one of about ten commercial spots Ingmar Bergman did for Bris - anti-bacterial soup
In this one he pokes fun at 3-D films.


Sun Ra documentary 2005

O, we sing this song to... abolish sorrow
O, we sing this song for... the great tomorrow

"Sun Ra and his Arkestra were the subject of a few documentary films, notably Robert Mugge's 'A Joyful Noise' (1980), which interspersed performances and rehearsals with Sun Ra's commentary on various subjects ranging from today's youth to his own place in the cosmos. 

Don Letts' 'Sun Ra, Brother From Another Planet' from 2005, reuses some of Mugge's material and includes some additional interviews."